Super-Powered Comics: Breed III and Flashpoint

This looks like it will be painful if 'Breed ever finishes falling on us.

Last week turned out to be a surprisingly good week for comics at the shops. I happily took a look at two of them over at the Examiner.

Jim Starlin returns to his classic creation with ‘Breed III.

The DC Universe goes through radical changes as Flashpoint begins.

This is the most running Barry Allen does in Flashpoint 1.

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Pulp Empire volume five is here!

Pulp Empire Volume Five is now available for purchase at the Pulp Empire/Metahuman Press storefront. This awesome volume features the most returning contributors ever as Libby Cudmore, Teel James Glenn, G. Lloyd Helm, Jack Mulcahy and David Perlmutter all provide new tales. Plus nine more tales from nine newcomers to Pulp Empire (but not great pulp fiction): Clifton Bush Jr., Christopher J. Ferguson, E. Craig McKay, Justin McWhirter, Anthony R. Pezzula, D.P. Prior, Tom Sheehan, Jon-Paul Stracco and Cliff Young! Altogether it’s more than 250 great pages of fiction! Go pick up your print or pdf copy right here!

Previews (late edition) Preview comes your way with this month’s Diamond Destinations!

This will almost certainly be the subject of a future Wrestling Wednesday.

Once again I have combed through the four hundred plus pages of Previews so you don’t have to.


Check out all three of the reviews over at the Examiner:

Part 1 covers Dark Horse, DC, and IDW Publishing.

Part 2 covers the offerings from Image and Marvel.

The final part covers the Independent Comics section and the merchandise that comes in the second half of the book.

Please give them a read and remember that every click helps out all the MHP sites.

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