DC continues to bring the announcements, this time going dark & young

With 52 titles to roll out and less than a week to do it, DC continues to go whole hog to get all the corners of the new DCU covered in their new titles.

A few days they announced the very familiar Green Lantern line (with nearly no reshuffling of talent and only one, previously announced book). On Tuesday, they surprised many with the announcement of a new supernatural line of titles, many no one expected.

The DC Source blog has the full details on all of them here.

Again, I find myself excited for DC books like I haven’t been in years.

Swamp Thing has never been this pretty. (Click to enlarge.)

Easily the most exciting announcement is a new Swamp Thing series written by Scott Snyder (American Vampire) and drawn by one of my favorite artists, Yanick Paquette. Another of my favorite artists, Francesco Francavilla, will cover the issues in between Yanick’s runs.

Medieval Etrigan is definitely not co-owned by Neil Gaiman. (Click to enlarge.)

Other exciting books:


  • Demon Knights by Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves apparently stars Etrigan as a leader of a super-team in the Middle Ages. I have long been a fan of The Demon and Cornell is a great writer, so this could be a great sleeper hit.
  • Josh Fialkov is a great young writer slowly growing a name for himself, but I am not quite sure about his Twilight-esque take on I, Vampire. I will probably at least check out the first issue.
  • Rumors of an integrated list of Wildstorm characters seems to be very much true as Voodoo is also in the new line of books. I am a big fan of much of Ron Marz’s recent writing and with art by rising superstar Sami Basri this one will definitely make my pull list.

Clothes aren't necessary in the vampire community. (Click to enlarge.)

I am still not quite sure what to think of Justice League Dark or Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE, but I am sure no one expected the resurrection of *ahem* Resurrection Man.


Honestly, this may have been DC’s best round of announcements so far.

Voodoo ran out of her ProActive Solution. (Click to enlarge.)

Yesterday, they added another wave of heroes, this time skewing young. Of all their announcements this far, this has the most disappointing line-up of books.

Your eyes haven't melted. That's actually the new Teen Titans. (Click to enlarge.)

The Legion books look dull and the new Teen Titans look… well, they make the Liefeld art on Hawk & Dove look stupendous. I am not sure if there are Jim Lee or Brett Booth at work, but the new Titans title looks like a disaster from square one.

I would prefer McDaniel on Nightwing, but this book is a must-buy for me. (Click to enlarge.)

That being said, I am very happy to see John Rozum writing the new Static Shock book and I will certainly give Rob Liefeld and Sterling Gates a chance on the new Hawk & Dove series. (Fun fact: the original Hawk & Dove book was the first DC book I ever collected.)

I hope they have a second artist already lined up for this book. (Click to enlarge.)

Still left unannounced so far are the Superman titles, any westerns, and any of the espionage-type titles like THUNDER Agents and Secret Six. Stay tuned today, tomorrow, and this weekend for more of the new titles to be announced.

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