Kickstart the Week: Wonder Woman documentary and Flying Fortress

Two new projects this week that look great in very different ways!

WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines is a documentary about the creation and rise of Wonder Woman as a pop culture icon. The movie then expands in to other female heroes of comics and beyond. It’s already got a South by Southwest berth, so this could really help the film find some quality distribution.

Flying Fortress is a pretty dang entertaining looking comic about a B-17 and a mission that takes them in to a strange land of medieval knights and undead monsters. The creators have taken an interesting tact with their Kickstarter. They set their target at only $1 and are basically using the site as a distribution method while also funding more issues of their series. It is an interesting use of Kickstarter that should help bring their book to more people’s attention.

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Nicholas Ahlhelm has let his love for superheroes as a concept pretty much overwhelm his good sense. He has been a fan of super-powered prose fiction since he discovered Wild Cards at twelve. Since then, he has expanded his reading and viewing to cover superheroes through every means he can find, whether comics, prose fiction, movies, television, or transmedia sources. At the same time, he started to craft his own superhero narratives, developing the ongoing Quadrant Universe while dabbling in pulp and sports fiction. He lives in Eastern Iowa with his wife and two daughters, in an increasingly small house.
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