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We welcome Caine Dorr to the site and he starts things out by writing a review of a recently featured Kickstarter here on the site! Welcome Caine and enjoy the review. -Nick

You didn’t think we’d bring you a weekly kickstarter recommendations and then not stand behind them with a review did you?  Oh you guys.  :)  We first told you about HONOR BRIGADE: SPACE FIGHT on the 30th of last month here.  The fine folks over at SPINNER RACK comics obtained the funding they required, their project was green lit with the SUCCESSFUL badge pinned to it, and the comics will be forthcoming soon.  If you supported them all that’s left is for you to stand around your mail boxes awaiting your comics!

Like a lot of comics on Kickstarter the $5.00 pledge for HONOR BRIGADE: SPACE FIGHT provided .pdf files as their pay off and we thought we’d review them as they came in while everyone waits for their printed comics in the mail.

Written By: Tom Stillwell
Art By: Jethro Morales
Colors By: Zack Atkins
Lettering By: Crank!
Design By: Jim MacQuarrie

An unknown and seemingly unidentifiable item is recovered from the bottom of the ocean.  When you live in a world with Superheroes in it, that’s where you’d bring things like that.  It’s brought to the Honor Brigade and it doesn’t take long for events to lead to a full scale alien invasion!  Things escalate requiring the worlds heroes to respond and not a minute to late either because it looks as if Earth’s heroes may need to take the fight to the aliens.  In space!

HONOR BRIGADE: SPACE FIGHT #1 is a very fun and adventurous super hero romp that doesn’t take it self too seriously.  Now, I don’t want you to think it’s a spoof (I wouldn’t be reviewing it then, hate spoofs) because it’s not.  It’s light hearted and I think stories of this nature tend to get lost in the shuffle of crossovers, tie ins, licensed titles, and reboots that happen on a fairly regular basis in today’s comic book market.

In HONOR BRIGADE: SPACE FIGHT #1 there is a comic book superhero for everyone!  I know there is.  If you’re into comic books then you’ll find a character in this book that you’ll enjoy reading.  Spinner Rack comics does this, in part at least, by maintaining a close on eye on the popular archetypes that can be found in comic books and really all types of popular media now and for centuries.

This being a Kickstarter comic you can’t go down to your LCS and order a copy.  If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter it’s members “pledge” money to a project that they want to see produced.  If the dollar amount that was requested is obtained the project is green lit, the creators get the money, and those who pledged get the rewards that equal their pledge level.

As I stated above the $5.00 pledge reward was .pdf files of 1 & 2.  Once the project was green lit a survey went out (standard) and in just a couple more days I received a link to download the .pdf file.  The fine folks over at Spinner Rack comics chose DROPBOX to host/deliver the .pdf file for #1.  The link provided worked perfectly.  The download happened quickly and the .pdf file functioned very well.

I would classify this as a flawless delivery of the first issue with no indications that there will be any issues with delivery of the second.  Experiences like the one provided by Spinner Rack through Kickstarter only make me want to pledge money to even more comics.

About Caine Dorr

Caine is an author and the creator of the web fiction serial and podcast MASKED MARAUDER MATINEE as well as the free webcomic the PALADIN BRIGADE. A blogger of comic books, an illustrator, podcaster, and a writer of adventure fiction located all over the web.
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