Explore every corner of the Quadrant Universe in… Quadrant! (52/14 #37)

Quadrant-01-400x605I have sat on the adventures of Cinder, Enigma, Jigsaw and Kodiak for two years now and put their tale through at least three revisions. Now I am proud to finally launch the first chapter of the ongoing adventures of the team that gave their name to an entire universe of super-powered fiction, Quadrant.

The new team was created to allow me to introduce a group of young untapped heroes into the greater Quadrant Universe and as their adventures take them into the world, they also take readers out into a universe of adventure. I have spent over twenty years building the Quadrant Universe and I cannot be more proud to open its architecture in Quadrant.

Our first chapter “Attack of the Demon” opens the young heroes into the world as they come into conflict with a dangerous group of ninjas and their superhero assassins! And I am serious when I say this is just the kickoff to a series of widespread adventure for the team!

Pick up Quadrant 1: Attack of the Demon by clicking one of the links below for your preferred ebook platform!

Then, stay-tuned as book two launches in October!

Super-powered news straight from Seaside City with CityNewsNet! (52/14 #36)


In conjunction with Caine Dorr and his Crusaders Media, I am ecstatic to finally bring CityNewsNet to the air. Our new weekly podcast will give one to four minute chunks of news coverage from Seaside City with tales alternately written by myself and Caine. The setting has been part of several projects I have worked on in the past and the future and will in fact serve as ground work for stories you will see in Epsilon and F.O.R.C.E.

But what is best about it, is how well Caine has made the project come to life. While we kick off with a tale from yours truly, Caine is 100% in charge of production of the show and has done an amazing job make it come to life. We will alternate news pieces over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more exciting news coverage from both of our corners of the city.

CityNewsNet is 100% free but I am going to ask you to help us out. ITunes runs on an algorithm that makes continued support over short periods of time push podcasts to the top of the feeds on the site. So, Caine and I want you to help us do that with CityNewsNet and its sister podcasts. Please subscribe to the Adventure Frequency Network on iTunes and help us push both to the top of the charts in the Performing Arts category. With your help, we can make this truly a huge and exciting project.

Great Art: Ian Thomas Healy’s Champion by Irshad Karim

Click for a larger view!

Click for a larger view!

Today we have a special edition of Great Art as SuperPoweredFiction joins several other sites on the internet to debut the cover for Ian Thomas Healy’s next novel in his Just Cause Universe, Champion. The amazingly talented Irshad Karim is responsible for this one, and he has produced one of the best book covers I have seen in a very long time.

Champion is available for preorder now at Ian’s website. Check out the full book trailer for the project below, featuring work from Justin Wasson.

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