Writer’s Update for June 30, 2014

LeitzelIt has been a hectic couple of weeks filled with foot problems, colds, allergies and family activities, but I am finally back on track with a new Writer’s Update.

Writing on Book Two of Walking Shadows has officially wrapped. With it complete, I will be able to start on the collected edition of the first year and a half of stories which should clock in right around 60,000 words at publication. Online you will see the final few weeks of Book Two as July rushes along. After that, a special bonus story will take over Walking Shadows for a few days before Book Three launches in August.

Lightweight suffered the most delays during the last few weeks. Complications on the Volume Two cover is holding back volume 6, but volume 7 is just about ready for publication as well. If all goes as planned, both chapters will see publication in July.

My Big Top Tales contribution for Flinch Books started today. I am telling the tale of the Trapeze Artist, but beyond that I will leave more details of this fun horror/adventure joint for the weeks ahead.

I have a lot of editing in the next few weeks and a couple more stories that are working, but in the mean time all of this is keeping me more than busy.

Today’s image is of the legendary Lillian Leitzel, the aerialist that serves as primary inspiration for my own trapeze artist.

Kindle edition of Lightweight: Senior Year now available… plus something special! (52/14 #24)


The Kindle edition of Lightweight: Senior Year is now available for the entirely affordable price of just $2.99! Collecting the first five chapters of Lightweight, it is every bit of story that has came so far in one affordable edition!

Backers to the project on Kickstarter or Patreon also received the Lightweight: Senior Year Special Edition, an ebook exclusive only available to backers. This new book contains a bonus 1200 word essay detailing the secret history behind Lightweight’s origins. For the time being, this edition is only available to backers, but it will go on sale on July 1 on the site.

Writer’s Update for June 16, 2014

GennyasPhoebeIt has been a crazy hectic last couple weeks in Ahlhelm-Land. Delays in the Lightweight production schedule have me playing catch up, but with Lightweight: Senior Year released and Lightweight 6 due in just a few short days, things are finally back on track.

I am currently finalizing a couple projects for the next few weeks, doing some freelance editing and slowly getting the last few pages of Walking Shadows wrapped up. The series is currently winding down its final battle with the heroes in Hades, but I have big plans for new character Phoebe when Book Three kicks off in the near future. She will be throwing herself into modern American culture in a big way when things start to move back towards normality for our characters.

I have started preliminary work on a couple new projects, including one I owe Flinch Books. I will be bringing a 1950s trapeze artist to life in an upcoming anthology for them and I think it will be tons of fun. My other project will remain a bit mysterious for now, but I will have more on it fairly soon.

Finally, I have started work on re-editing and re-writing an old novel called Epsilon. It will be one of several releases planned for later this year.

Alright, I have way too much work to do. Today&8217;s image is of South African model Genny XGenocidex who perfectly recreates the vision of Phoebe’s future in my head.

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