Writer’s Update for March 31, 2014

Betty strangely wore yellow A LOT.

Betty strangely wore yellow A LOT.

The final week in March has been a unique one in the year so far. The early days of the week were spent doing final proofs on Modern Gods II (now available for purchase). While I was working on that, I also worked ahead quite a ways on Walking Shadows My backlog on Walking Shadows still is not as high as I would like it to be, but it is getting a bit closer to ready now.

I continued re-editing and rewriting Out For Vengeance which looks like it will make an appearance in April. Unlike some of my older fiction, the story holds up pretty well and should make a very solid novella when it is released. The tale will combine an original vision for the history of a vigilante’s seventy year career with a re-imagining of multiple public domain characters.

I also put work in on a new story. I have had an idea for a modern day revamp of the classic pulp character Secret Agent X for quite some time. It was one of those ideas that sat on the back burner for years, just in case I ever felt a need to dust it off and use it. While I have other modernized ideas for pulp heroes over the years, I wanted X to have the right place to make his debut. I just never quite realized that I had been waiting to publish it for a couple years now. Metahuman Press has had a Spy World collection in the works for years, always waiting on just another story to be complete. Spy fiction has never been my forte exactly, but my ideas for X make my entryway into the genre a bit easier, as it gives a bit of a super-science flair to things.

The weekend was spent wrapping up a podcast project that I hope to spend more time talking about in the future. I mailed off my half to my partner in crime on this one.

Today’s image features a cover of the classic Secret Agent X which oddly never seemed to feature X himself, only his female companion Betty Dale in danger. Cover from The FictionMags Index Family site.

Kickstart the Week 116: Doc Unknown, Capes & Villains and new fiction from Mike Baron!

Pulp hero, check. Solid art, check. A little bit of weirdness, check. Doc Unknown carves out a great niche of the pulp weirdness genre. Give it a look.

Capes & Villains is a card and dice game built around superhero battles. Looking at it instantly brings me back to my high school days of playing way too much Marvel Overpower. This looks like lots of fun from Shingo Games.

Mike Baron is a favorite comic writer of mine and in the last few months he has became a favorite prose writer as well. The publisher of his new novel Banshees wants to publish it in hardcover and now has a Kickstarter up to fund it. Did I mention it has undead rock stars?

SuperPowerCast 34: “In the end of the day, superheroes are fun” Ian Thomas Healy & Jackrabbit


In the first of a new series of biweekly episodes, Nicholas Ahlhelm sits down with author Ian Thomas Healy to talk about his new book Jackrabbit and his entire Just Cause Universe series of books. We talk about what makes a great superhero novel, discuss the origins of the Just Cause Universe and its history over several books and gab about comics and movies, both new and old.


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