Out of the past, Modern Gods II rises! (52/14 #13)


The time has finally arrived for me to close out the first quarter of my 52/14 project and I do so with a new anthology! Modern Gods came out last year to strong reviews. I continue into the new anthology Modern Gods II with my second story featuring the goddess Artemis as she travels through modern day America. This time she heads into Vegas for the aptly titled, What Happens in Vegas… Artemis’s tale is current planned to stretch through four short stories, so this will bring the tale to about its half way point. That being said, each tale is meant to be read as individual adventures that build to a larger whole.

My tale is joined by three amazing tales from Travis Hiltz, Teel James Glenn (who also provides the cover) and Lance Stahlberg. This one is definitely action packed with each writer creating a truly interesting action hero out of their leads, either gods themselves or folks imbued with power by the heroes of myth.

If all goes well, a third volume in the series should be available later this year, probably in the fourth quarter.

Modern Gods II is at Amazon in print and Kindle editions and at Smashwords. The print edition is currently listed at only eight dollars (which Amazon has reduced to $7.60!) but that price is for the first two weeks of launch before it goes up to its regular nine dollar price tag! Did I mention that great price also comes with a free digital edition? Go grab it now!

Writer’s Update for March 24, 2014

Talk about "feeling blue".

Talk about “feeling blue”.

Last week proved an interesting one in my writing world. I wrapped up the Short Shot that appeared over the weekend, did heavy edits on my original Modern Gods II story to make it work as the sequel of the last story and added two more weeks to my Walking Shadows queue. I have never been one to shy away from jumping around in my writing, but that is a bit ridiculous even for me.

Over the weekend, I started in on the mystery project I mentioned a few weeks ago, which I will only say will be a story driven podcast at this time. I have a very talented collaborator on this one, a man that I have worked with before and who knows fiction podcasting a bit better than I. I hope to have more on that one soon.

I am moving into two other short stories next week as well as final edits on my novella Out For Vengeance. My weird science meets the atom bomb story The Atomic Werewolf is also going to get revised and expanded from its original online appearance. Those should keep me busy for the remainder of the month.

Up later this week is the aforementioned Modern Gods II. I am joined by Teel James Glenn, Lance Stahlberg and Travis Hiltz in this one. Travis’s story features a modern reinterpretation of Kali as his lead, so she stands as our image for this week.

As always keep reading, and if you enjoy my writing, please consider supporting it on Patreon.

Enter Tornado Town! (52/14 #12)


Road to Tornado Town is an idea that has been floating around my head for quite some time. Post-apocalyptic fiction seems to be everywhere right now. I have always enjoyed a lot of it, but I really wanted to try my hand at putting my own touch on it. Hence, Tornado Town was born.

This Short Shot is an introduction to the universe and the concept, but will be far from its last appearance. I plan to put together a Tornado Town anthology in the near future that will expand the world and introduce a slew of characters for the series.

Stay tuned for more news about that in the months ahead. Meanwhile head over to Smashwords where you can pay whatever you want for this great short story!

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