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New fiction for 2015 kicks off with Pulpsploitation!

The announcement already went out on Metahuman Press and the newly launched, but I am proud to announce here that Pulpsploitation is now available in print and digital at Amazon as well as digitally at Smashwords and most leading ebook publishers. While I am joined by the likes of Teel James Glenn, Caine Dorr,… Read More »

Praise for my Armless O’Neil tale!

My tale for the Armless O’Neil anthology Blood-Price of the Missionary’s Gold was one of my favorites of the Pulp Obscura line. O’Neil is just such an odd character, he almost breeds fascinating stories. I put him through the paces in “The Palladium” in a story that features a whole bunch of trouble for the… Read More »

Pulpsploitation launches February 15!

I am proud to announce that my last Kickstarter project Pulpsploitation will finally make its debut the day after Valentine’s! And what better way to kick off your post-Valentine excitement than with all the sex, violence and action you can ask for featuring classic pulp and comic characters! Featuring stories by yours truly, Teel James… Read More »