Writer’s Update for October 7, 2014

Rulah2It has been another busy week of getting the Kickstarter really flying. I have quite nearly doubled the totals for Pulpsploitation since this time last week, a trend I hope to see continue as we near final funding on Thursday at 5 pm Central.

The first half of what will basically be a two part finale for Lightweight should be finished today with the final chapter of the first year going into immediate production. Both are trucking alone nicely.

My second Rulah story is finally in the plotting stages. I hoped to make this a quarterly feature and will continue to make efforts towards that, but I hope to wrap this one just before Nanowrimo.

As for Nanowrimo, I have plans to get another one of my sequels under way and I have a very cool way to do it that will see publication over two different books. I will have more on that one in the near future, but for now enjoy today’s image of Rulah.

As always stay classy and keep reading!

Kickstart Pulpsploitation: On the home stretch!


Pulsploitation now has three days left with its wrap up coming at 5 p.m. Central on Thursday. It has been quite the journey, but with some great support from Earth Station One and other Kickstarter producers like the fine folks at Silence in the Library and Monkey Fun Studios, we have ripped past the first stretch goal and funded the Gunmaster novel.

I think the next two goals: the full cover art and the Airboy novel are within striking distance now. With over $750 raised already, just a few more dollars will get us to those $900 and $1000 goals.

If you are a fan of my writing, this site or just insane heroes set in the past, please give Pulpsploitation a look. Every dollar we get goes to the great writers working with me or to the production of a stupendous book… or rather series of books. Help make our continued growth possible with your support!

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