Kickstart the Week 139: Infinity Pilot, Timothy Zahn and Kamala

Infinity Pilot is a great looking new sci fi series from Alex Ogle. Give it some support and help it unlock some stretch goals.

Timothy Zahn has a new thriller called Cloak coming in Silence in the Library’s new slate of novels. It is just one of three novels in a very solid slate from the publisher, so check out their entire project.

Kamala was a huge star in 80s and 90s pro wrestling. Now without legs due to complications from diabetes, Kamala’s official autobiography is now on Kickstarter. Give some support to a great talent and receive a copy of his memoir in return.

Writer’s Update for September 3, 2014

On this Wrestling Wednesday, I thought I would throw up this picture of WWE's Paige, the image in my head every time I write Melinoe in Walking Shadows. Source:

On this Wrestling Wednesday, I thought I would throw up this picture of WWE’s Paige, the image in my head every time I write Melinoe in Walking Shadows. Source:

Sometimes writing, like pimpin’, isn’t easy. Sometimes neither is life.

My progress over the last couple weeks hasn’t been good. I can make excuses and give all kinds of reasons, but mainly it’s because my head just hasn’t been in the game. My head hasn’t really been good for much of anything lately.

I think many creative minds are also troubled minds. I certainly have my own share of mental issues I’ve dealt with throughout my life. I’m certain some of those come into play in my life now. But I also consider certain personal issues personal and I don’t want to get into those things here. Besides, I don’t consider this blog about dealing with my issues. This blog is about my work inside and outside the Quadrant Universe and about my love for superheroes and their influences.

With that said, I feel like I’m finally coming around the bend with my brain and my writing. The problems with the conclusion of Lightweight that slowed me down along with my personal issues seem to have cleared. I’m trucking around with the now-late chapter eight and will jump straight to chapter nine in the next couple days. Lightweight 8 should still launch this month, but a bit later in September alongside a few other delayed releases.

Walking Shadows kicks off Book Three in full today (a prologue went up yesterday) so go check that out as well. I remain well ahead on that series, so go check out the adventures of Ian, Alli, Marilyn, Cyrus and even a new character or two. It’s some of my best work I think.

And if you’re having trouble in life, don’t be afraid to go out and ask for help. A google search will give you a hundred options. Too many creative minds have been lost this year already. Make your life your life no matter what it takes to make that happen. Live it, embrace it and go on.


Get “Cryptic” with the Cryptkeepers! (52/14 #33)

leaguelogo_smallThis week’s assignment from The League of Extraordinary Bloggers was “Cryptozoology”. I decided to use it as a means to introduce a concept that’s been rattling around my head for quite some time. So I give you the introduction to a new group of characters, the Cryptkeepers.

If you’re a writer and like what you see here, the Cryptkeepers will debut next year in a full length anthology from Metahuman Press. Click here for more details.

And if you’re a reader, simply enjoy the story after the break! 

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