Comics: Kirby Genesis

Dynamite’s Kirby Genesis miniseries by Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross and Jack Herbert faced serious delays in its publishing schedule (8 issues over 1 year and a tie-in miniseries still uncompleted). But even with those delays, it proved to be a great debut for a solid universe, albeit a debut that leaves a few too many characters without much focus on them.

Still it proved to be an excellent book, and one that is now on sale for a measly eight dollars at Comixology through tomorrow.

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Super Powered Comics: Justice

Alex Ross's Justice mega image! (Click to enlarge.)

Justice was an epic project. 12 issues drawn by Doug Braithwaite, painted over by Alex Ross and telling one of the biggest Justice League tales of all time. It succeeded in every way on the art side, even as the story fails to be quite as spectacular as one might hope.

But it may just be a comic book masterpiece.

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