Comics: Arc

With our regular Kickstarter column up for the week, Super Powered Fiction turns its focus to another project that will soon get a Kickstarter. Jay Rainford-Nash and I started Arc back in 2009 but it has been slowed as a webcomic by paying gigs on both our parts. Now we are looking to relaunch it in color and we will be Kickstarting funds to make it in full color.

Head over here to start reading Arc.

The long weekend begins….

Today is your humble blogger’s birthday, so alas, I will be taking today and tomorrow off from my usual blogging activities. You will have to wait until Tuesday to get more quality superhero fiction related updates.

In the meantime, why not read some web comics?

And don’t forget today’s new Pulp Empire story, “Cat in the Hat” by Christopher J. Ferguson!

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