Kickstart the Week: Mnemosyne and Stay Alive

Two great Kickstarters, neither quite straight forward super powered fiction, but still worth support in their final days.

Mnemosyne is a new movie that involves memory transfer in a futuristic society. The storyboard preview proves intriguing, even without any live actors in the current production.

Stay Alive is a new coloring book from the creative team behind Hero Happy Hour. A fun, goofy idea for any fan of zombies or great comedy.

Kickstart the Week: Brave New World and Renfield & Igor

Starting today we will begin running promotions for Kickstarter projects that either myself as the editor or the individual writers for this site think would make awesome purchases. Generally these will either be super powered fiction related projects OR projects by quality creators of super powered fiction. We start out with two great ones:

Matt Forbeck will be bringing his Brave New World RPG (an absolutely amazing setting BTW) to life in the form of a trilogy of novels he will write as part of his 12 for 12 project in 2012. Forbeck plans to basically do Nanowrimo 12 times over next year and the first three novels in his project will be Brave New World related. While the project is already funded, I highly recommend hitting this one with more cash as if he reaches the 8k mark by Friday, he adds a second novel to all backers.

Check out the video here:

Then, Hero Happy Hour’s current creative team of Dan L. Taylor and Gavin Spence have a new project in the works: Renfield & Igor Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. This looks like a fun book for everyone.

Here’s the video for the project.

Both projects will hook you up with an e-copy for a measly five bucks American. Help support great independent projects!

Do you have a Kickstarter (or similar site) project you would like to see featured on SPF? Email me at nick {at} with details!

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