Kickstart the Week: Big Mechs and Young Protectors

Mekton Zero was the other, other game from R. Talsorian Games that was neither Cyberpunk nor Castle Falkenstein. I never played it, but I had friends that swore up and down it was the best mech RPG ever. (I personally preferred Robotech and later… well, we will get to that in a moment.) But from all accounts, it was a great game with an amazing, fully realized setting. Now it is back in a new edition from the revived R. Talsorian.

I have tons of respect for Alex Woolfson and Adam DeKraker. Instead of doing what so many creators do and complain about the lack of diversity in mainstream superhero comics, they set out to fix it with their own superhero comic. The Young Protectors is a big superhero book, one in which the lead character just happens to be gay. It also has drawn big money from an obviously very loyal online audience.

When I finally decided to find a new mech RPG, I moved from Robotech to a more fully realized, harder sci-fi game. That game was Heavy Gear. And while some of the harder elements of the system have faded through its mass market media expansion, I still love that old RPG. Now the creators behind the video game version of it are looking to make an all new Unreal Engine 4 powered version of the game with MMO elements for 21st century play. It is far from in my wheel-well but man does it look pretty in the screen shots. Gamers should give Heavy Gear Assault a look.

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