Experience “The Arrival”! (52/14 #29)


Years after the events of “UFO”, the Challenge Squad returns in the pages of “The Arrival”. In this new story, the year is 1966 and the four heroes that make up the United States’ premiere team face a crisis of conscious even as they face a galactic level threat that could destroy a huge chunk of the planet!

An homage to some of the great sixties super-teams, “The Arrival” is now available as an ebook on Amazon and Smashwords. Pick up your copy today!

Great Art: Earl Norem’s Planet of the Apes


I have been a huge Earl Norem fan since I was a kid and he did some great He-Man pieces. He might actually be the first great fantasy artist I knew by name. I am not sure of the timeline for this great POTA piece he did here is, though I would assume it was for the Marvel Comics magazine of the 70s. Whenever it originates from, it is a masterpiece by one of the most talented fantasy artists around. Source. Characters owned by Twentieth Century Fox.

Kickstart the Week 133: Amazing Heroes Retro Style Figures

We all like old school superheroes around these parts and hey, who doesn’t like old school action figures that look strangely similar to those Secret Wars toys of my youth. Amazing Heroes is a new line of toys in a 4.5″ scale focused on characters as diverse as Black Terror, the old school Daredevil, Stardust, Silver Streak and even 60s toy icon Captain Action.

The line looks like it needs some help as it sits at only 8k of its 30k goal as of today. So go out and take a look and throw it a few shekels. $18 gets you a single figure (with shipping), $80 gets you all five figures. Give Fresh Monkey Fiction some well deserved love.

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