Lightweight’s first year races to an end with “Graduation”! (52/14 #48)


The final installment of Lightweight’s first year of stories has arrived and with it, an epic showdown between the two factions vying for control of Kevin’s future. But with a full scale war around him, even Lightweight might not be able to survive, especially with the threat of Black Death looming over him.

The tenth installment of the ongoing Lightweight series, “Graduation” is now available for your reading pleasure in Kindle format and in multiple formats at Smashwords. All for just 99 cents!

Volume Two of CityNewsNet kicks off with “DOC TESLA DEAD!” (52/14 #47)


I start a wave of back to back news stories over on CityNewsNet this week and it kicks off in a big way with a news article with major ramifications for the future of the Quadrant Universe! It is a humdinger that sets up the story expanded upon in F.O.R.C.E.: 2: Doc Tesla.

I am happy to announce that as we enter this new phase, CityNewsNet continues to grow in size and scope. We now have a tip line on the main page, where writers and would-be podcasters can write their own super-powered news items for a possible appearance in a future episode!

Plus we will continue with weekly installments available on the beautiful new CityNewsNet page or through your preferred podcast feed service. Go give it a listen and then come back here and let me know what you think!

Kodiak takes the lead as Quadrant faces “The Creeping Horror From South of the Border” (52/14 #46)


The individual focused tales of the members of Quadrant continue with chapter 3 in the ongoing saga! This time around the massive bear-man known as Kodiak takes the lead as he travels to Texas to investigate their enemies’ connection with a strange abandoned factory.

He finds a team of luchador heroes, strange underwater creatures, a mysterious villain and a ton of adventure!

Quadrant 3: The Creeping Horror From South of the Border is now available for just 99 cents in ebook form. Pick it up for Kindle or in multiple formats at Smashwords!

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