Writer’s Update for October 21, 2014

Lightweight9-400x605The biggest news is almost certainly that Lightweight 9: Knowledge is in the final stages of editing and should be winging your way by the end of the week. This one breaks down the war between the Eloi and the Morlocks once and for all, complete with some great revelations that set up our final chapter.

It isn’t the only story we have planned for the rest of October however. Before the month is through you will see the second chapter of F.O.R.C.E. hit digital shelves. Epsilon is finally in the final stages of production as well, so prepare for another full length novel from yours truly for your reading pleasure.

Writing time has been split between Lightweight 10, the second Rulah story and more Walking Shadows which continues to update everyday for your reading pleasure.

And of course, Nanowrimo is just a few short days away. I will talk a bit more about my project for National Novel Writing Month next week so stay tuned!

Today’s image is the cover for Lightweight 9: Knowledge by the always amazing Brent Sprecher.

Great Art: Firestar by Dave Hoover


Dave Hoover was a talented artist probably best remembered for his work on Captain America during the last days of Mark Gruenwald’s tenure on the book. But after he left that title, he continued to work in comics, specializing in good girl art. He is such a great good girl artist, he could actually make this rather lackluster Firestar costume look good! While he passed in 2011, he left behind some stunning art for fans to enjoy. Source. Character owned by Marvel.

Reviewed – Lightweight: Senior Year

M. Robare was nice enough to give Lightweight: Senior Year a review on Amazon. He said about the book. He said.

Loved it…I want more! I’m not sure if the other Lightweight entries available are prose or graphic, but let me be clear: I’d love more prose novels!

Good news, Robare. The book is still going strong on a monthly basis with chapter 9 hitting later this week! We should be wrapping up 2014 with a bang with an explosive story next month as well! And of course, the collection will ship in December.

Thanks for the review!

If you want to be featured in reviewed, all you have to do is head over to Amazon, Smashwords or Goodreads and give one of my books a great review! I will be happy to feature it here on an upcoming installment!

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